Mar 14

Cavendish eager to start the season

The year 2013 was a very prosperous year for Mark Cavendish and his team as he raced ahead of the others in Tour de France and had a time gap of nearly four hours. This is one rider who has something special to offer to the fans every year and this year too he has some plans but he has not let out the secret yet.

With the season of 2014 still to start the fans are very eager to know what Cavendish has in store for them. Cavendish is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable riders and the feats he have achieved proves that. In a press conference he was asked about his achievements and the secret behind all these feats. His answer was pretty simple. He said proper practice on a daily basis, hard work and focus are the three most important things that can lead a rider to a victory and they have to link these three things perfectly. Apart from this he also talked about the mental strength because in this sport you have to travel miles at a stretch and mental strength is extremely important in this case.

Cavendish also faced questions about his plans for the upcoming season in 2014 to which he said that he will be focusing on the Giro d Italia and most importantly on Tour de France. Cavendish has been a very consistent rider till now in Tour de France where he has been in the red jersey for five stages and has also finished in the first place once. This record is yet to be broken by a sprinter and this year he will be aiming for more. His advisor and trainer Rob Hayles has high regards for him and he said that he was very pleased with the training he is going through and the team is expecting a lot from him. The coach is happy with the form Mark is in and hopes that he will be able to continue with the same form this year.

Dec 13

1. Froome determined for back-to-back Tour France wins

Defending Tour de France champion Chris Froome is strongly determined to grab a back-to-back win at the coming Tour championship in 2014. The 28-year-old British cycling maestro was the celebrated Tour France winner from Team Sky in 2013.

Froome has already adjusted to the notion that there would always be some to question his success at the Tours & that of Sir Wiggins, his fellow team-mate at Sky. The 2013 Tour France champion feels that a repeat win at the world’s most prestigious cycling tournament might seal up all such doubts about his caliber on bike.

It was following the defame cycling God Lance Armstrong’s confession of dope consumption that resulted in 7 of his high profile Tour France titles,  there’s always an inevitable question mark on cyclists’ élan whenever there is some grand win, especially in case of the illustrious French tour.

Post Armstrong’s disgrace & stripping of 2010 Tour France title off Alberto Contador, the 28-year-old Froome could be the 1st rider to retain a clean Tour France title after Miguel Indurain who set a record by winning on 5 Tours straight.

“The opportunity to showcase our fans that we have come out of that era is a huge motivation for me”, noted Froome stressing on a drug-free cycling ambience among the running cyclists in the recent times.

“I wish to win the title again to prove that we are away from that era. I would like to see people believing in our results as I know that some were dubious regarding my win in 2013 and that of Bradley’s a year back in 2012. I would like to feel that if I am able to get it again, I would be able to bring back the credibility quotient to cycling.”

Froome’s celebrated success in 2013 Tour France has placed the defending champion in the coveted list of BBC Sports Personality of 2013 award nominations.

Oct 13

Evans to meet BMC Bosses

Cadel Evans is devastated regarding his massacre performance in the latest Tour de France and has declared to meet up with his team management shortly. The distinguished American rider is soon to sit in a consultation with BMC management regarding the upcoming Grand Tours.

The leading BMC rider who had a celebrated win in Tour de France in 2011 seemingly disappointed all his fans this time with a mere 39th overall position in the 2013 France Tour. The thirty-six year old rider is frustrated with his own performance which is giving him second thoughts on sticking on as BMC Tour leader. “I need to meet up with the team & so on…..(regarding) what the team management desires to focus on”, Evans stated post the Tour de France at the end of July. There were speculations that young American rider Tejay Garderen would succeed as the BMC Tour leader replacing Evans from this year, especially after Garderen (24) bagged the honorary title of best young rider in the 2012 Tour. However, BMC management has always stressed upon the fact that presently they don’t want anybody else other than Evans to don the hat of Tour Leader in the team.

Despite BMC’s constant emphasis on Evans as the Tour leader, Evans seems little apprehensive about his deserved status in the team post the horror of Tour de France. “The France Tour isn’t something that you would be able to win on all by yourself. We would see what the team management plans & see whether BMC is confident enough in me & so on. I am trying hard to move on and presently I require good support from many to help me in my testing phase. It’s not a very good time for me to dwell on the past issues”, commented Evans while discussing about his decision to meet up with BMC management.

Sep 13

Tandem program

The Department of Transport has handed money to the National Park authority to rejuvenate cycling throughout the South Downs. Over £ 5 million will be placed towards its plan for a network of core cycling paths in and around South Downs National Park.

Cycling for all abilities is an important theme with improvements designed to existing roads in Hampshire, elongations to long established paths in West Sussex as well as extensions to long established paths and creation of new recreational paths out of Brighton as well as around East Sussex. One of the actual targets of the investment will be to meliorate cycling paths to and from railway stops so that the community has better accession to sustainable transport connections. Continue reading →

Aug 13

Bradley Wiggins may return to track cycling

Sir Bradley Wiggins is now planning a come back to the track cycling so that he could claim a 5th Olympic gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games in the year 2016. The thirty three year old cycle rider from Britain has all but given up his expectations of winning a 2nd Tour de France title and instead he would look to crown his glittering cycling career with Great Britain team pursuit squad.

Recently, in an interview with a leading UK based newspaper, Wiggins gave no specific indication of when he would make the transition. But earlier, Chris Newton, the British Cycling team pursuit coach, has stated that candidates for the Olympic selection must train with the team for 2 years before to the Games. if this is true, then it means next season would be Bradley’s last season on the road.

Wiggins started building his legend in track pursuit games and snatched 3 Olympic as well as 5 world championship crowns in this discipline, but he would be thirty six years old at the time of Rio Olympics in the year 2016.

Sir Bradley Wiggins told that he would continue to the next Olympics and try for a 5th gold on the track. Wiggins relished an unprecedented year of success in the year 2012, when he won a series of stage races and after that achieving an historic Tour de France and Olympic Games time trial double within the gap of eleven days.

In the interview, he also added that Chris Froome is probably a better Grand Tour rider than him. He is a better climber, he could time trial as well and he has age on his side.

Jun 13

A Ray of Hope

The dark clouds of injuries looming over the sky of cycling can disappoint any cycling fan. Two of the most amazing road racers have pulled out of the Giro d’italia and created uncertainties about the grand Tour de France 2013 coming ahead next month. Ryder Hesjedal who is the defending champion at Giro has withdrawn from the event due to severe physical weakness and his condition was deteriorating each day. The reason for his health condition has not been identified precisely but it is guessed that a virus The Canadian was very grief stricken as he had worked so much for the tour. Last year he created a new record by being the first Canadian who won a Grand Tour event.

Another champion cyclist Bradley Wiggins has also withdrawn from the Giro d’italia owing to infection in chest. He is also hoping to be fit before Tour de France. Without the superstars the glamour of the 100th edition of Tour de France 2013 will be absolutely diminished. The cycling world has already faced so much uncertainties and shock after the Lance Amstrong doping scandal. The next half of the season will also be very crucial for David Milar who has got to prove a point after getting entrapped in the doping scandal with Amstrong. Millar was banned for two years but he agreed to provide evidence against team mate Lance and this helped him to come out with a clear name.

The cycling world is also waiting to see some more classic performance by the 10 times individual stages winner at Tour de France, Thor Hushovd of Norway. He was struggling with injuries and bad form in 2012 but after winning at the Tour de Haut Var 2013 he is sent the message that he is back to make a mark at the Tour de France. Now it’s only a matter of time to see what the second half of the season has in store for the racers and the fans.

Apr 13

World Series Bicycling Schedule Released

The World Series Bicycling is coming back into the picture and its going to be held in Trexlertown in Pennsylvania this year. This summer is looking good for cyclists this year since one of the biggest events in professional cycling so coming back.

Some of the biggest and best talented professional cyclists will be taking part in the World Series Bicycling and it will start off from June 7, 2013. The World Series Bicycling is known for its great challenges, good racing grounds and the involvement of the best cyclists in the world including Olympic winners. This tells a lot about the reputation and success of the World Series Bicycling.

In the year 2012, 12 Olympic winners had taken part in the World Series Bicycling along with other professional cyclists. Valley Preferred Cycling Center said that for the broadcast of the World Series Bicycling, they expect over 2500 viewers. Valley Preferred Cycling Center will also be also be handling and broadcasting the USA Cycling National Track Championships, for 2nd time consecutively.  World Series Bicycling and the association of Valley Preferred Cycling Center go a long way in the past and they have always been one of the most popular broadcasters for World Series Bicycling.

The events will include a combination of endurance tests and challenges and sprinting challenges.

This will be the 38th year for World Series Bicycling. The series is going to start off with US Sprint Gran Prix on June 7, 2013. The World Series Bicycling will go on till august 30, 2013. The whole event will include lots of excitement and known professionals. The final will be featuring UCI Madison Cup.

Tickets have already started selling like hotcakes and they can be got at store outlets and also online. The ticket charge is free for children under the age of 12 years old.

Mar 13

Hamilton Confesses Paying S$40,000 a Year On Doping

Tyler Hamilton, disgraced former American cyclist has reportedly admitted to a Madrid court about his exorbitant expenditure on blood doping and other different types of drug assistance to boost up his performance in the championships.

In a video conference, Tyler told Judge Santamaria that he has taken to blood doping around 15 times & has also purchased EPO blood booster, growth hormone, insulin and testosterone off Eufemiano Fuentes, the doctor who was the centre of Operation Puerto.

Blood doping is a the high tech clinical technique that extracts the blood from the rider and then separates the red blood cells from plasma to re-inject oxygen-carrying cells into the rider’s blood, just prior to a performance to give him the boost.

Eufemiano, his fellow doctor and sister, Yolanda, along with an ex ONCE & Liberty Seguros sports director, Manolo Saiz and Ignacio Labarta & Vicente Belda from Kelme, have been put on trial on the grounds of endangering the public health.

According to Hamilton’s confession via video conference, the former cyclist paid around 25,000- 30,000 euros (S$41,300), for services in the year 2002 & 2003. Then he also agreed on paying up to 50,000 Euros for the 2004 services. However, he was unable to complete the treatment given that he came positive on taking blood from someone else in 2004 September.

The disgraced American cyclist has been ripped off the gold medal he scored in Athens Olympics 2004, last year, post his doping confession. Hamilton, the ex professional sprinter for US Postal & CSC teams, mentioned that he initially met up with Eufemiano at a resting area “on a highway between Barcelona & Valencia, Spain for fixing up the blood transfusions and plan for future”.

Meanwhile, Judge Santamaria also declared that Alberto Contador, the famous Spanish to win at Tour de France twice, won’t be needed to attend the court.

Mar 13


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