Apr 15

UCI Weather Protocol To Include Parachutes

Much to the surprise of the cycling world UCI has reportedly announced to use parachutes as per its weather protocols. The news has been confirmed by a recent press release from UCI.

The press release stated that UCI is looking forward to implement some comprehensive system that will help it to tackle inclement weather during future events. According to reports, an agreement is soon to be established in between the stakeholders before Giro Italia starts on May 9.

“The members would convene again shortly to set the baseline for weather criteria (snow, wind, rain, temperature, visibility & humidity) which could be channelized to decide whether any modification would be needed while the race runs”, revealed the statement from UCI.

CPA, AIGCP & AIOCC officials are of the opinion to use safety parachutes during days where extreme windy weather might force the riders to dismount. According to one of the officials from these groups they were felt helpless when several cyclists were seen struggling hard against the harsh winds at the recently concluded Gent-Wevelgem. He particularly mentioned about Sky leader Thomas (Geraint) who was kind of blown across by a string wind gust prior to tumbling over towards his winning break. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Alberto Contador To Take Part In 2015 Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista del Sol

On Tuesday, 17th February, the Spanish Professional Cyclist, Alberto Contador said that he is content with the preparation he has made for the upcoming season. He has also said that he is all set to compete in this year’s competition scheduled to begin this week. The first event of this year will take place at Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista del Sol.

For the first time in his professional cycling career, Alberto Contador, the leader of the Professional Cycling team Tinkoff-Saxo, will ride this race. Contador will compete against the British Professional Cyclist, Chris Froome in this race. Chris Froome is also Contador’s rival in Tour de France. This five day race features one road race and one time trial competition on the very first day of the race.

The Spanish pro Cyclist has said that he is indeed glad to be able to take part in this race. Contador has a positive feeling about riding this race in which he has never taken part before. Contador said earlier that he’ll be participating in Both Giro d’Italia and Tour de France this year. He said that it is probable that he will not be able to give his hundred percent in Vuelta a Andalucia this year because the highlights of this season for him are Giro and the Tour but nevertheless he is positive because his team is a strong one. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Contador Still Thinks That He’ll Be Able To Win Both Giro And The Tour Next Year

Alberto Contador knows that he may not be able to win both Giro d’Italia and Tour de France next year but that has not affected his motivation at all.

If he does win these two races then he would be the winner of two Grand Tours in one season, which will make him one of the legends of the sport. To be able to do that, he’d have to win 2015 Giro d’Italia that will take place in the month of May and then he would have to recover and after that he’ll have to win the next year’s Tour de France.

Contador said when he was at his team’s training camp at Gran Canaria that it was indeed about his legacy, he also said that he may or may not be able to achieve this feat. Continue reading →

Dec 14

Van Aert Wins Elite Men’s Race 2014

Wout Van Aert became the winner of Cyclocross World Cup in Koksijde and he also won BPost Bank Trofee Koppenbergcross. It was Van Aert’s goal of his career which he managed to accomplish at the start of his first year of his Professional Cycling career.

Van Aert, who is currently 20 years old, is very happy to be one of the very few riders who managed to win these two races. Van Aert said every rider wants to win in these two races and he won it in his very first year of his professional career. Sven Nys, is among those riders who managed to win both the races in one season, also on this list is the Dutch rider Richard Groenendaal and the Belgian, Mario de Clerq.

Though Van Aert debuted this year as a professional rider, he was considered to be one of the finest riders competing in this race. He became the winner of the men’s race in Valkenberg World cup. He also won Under 23 European Championships and Superprestige Gavere and many more. Van Aert’s winning in the Koppenbergcross is considered to be controversial but there is no room for controversy regarding his victory at Koksijde. Van Aert finished 41 seconds before Kevin Pauwels of the Sunweb-Napoleon Team. Mathieu van der Pol of Giant-Shimano team, finished 53 seconds after Van Aert. Van Aert said that it was an incredible experience for him being at the front in the last lap of the race and he also said that he’s very happy.

Van Aert dedicated his win to the Vastgoedservice Golden Palace Cycling team’s manager Neils Albert. Albert was also the winner of this race at the 2012 World Championships. Albert took his retirement from Cycling on account of his cardiac arrhythmia. Van Aert said that Albert, who was the winner of the rainbow jersey in the same race, had asked him to make a mark there before the race and thus, he regards his win to be special.

Oct 14

Improvements In Bristol For The For The Safety Of Cycling

The bridge in Bristol is the biggest concern launched by the individual cyclists as many cyclists had to undertaken to hospital for treatment. It is the station of Meads which is reported to cause injuries to the cyclists as holes are made and cyclists are falling from their cycles. Sustenance of injuries is what the call is at the moment.

Toby Bridgeman had a tumble from the cycle and has set up petition. Lots of accidents take place as people tend to drive slow. There is an urge to stop the accidents as far as possible. The petition has garnered 300 signatures so far. A cheese grater bridge is underway as it has both the qualities of skin healing and also is aesthetic in its own way. Stations are being linked to each other and additional surface is being laid down by the personnel’s of the construction department to avoid any sort of injury. It is built in 2008 with money spent on it but the facilities have to be well managed by the administration. Paramount importance is also given to the health of the cyclist so that they do not lose their lives in rush. Careful and stringent measure is what is to be hailed.

The planning of the route has to be done from before so that there is no extra disadvantage caused by the cyclist to ensure proper and smooth functioning of the cycling from the cyclist. Cycles need to be in good condition as well to avoid any sort of mishap from occurring though mishap is bound to occur if the bridge is to be remained in a dilapidated condition. There is no need for extra input it is just extra precaution from all that is a must.

Sep 14

Cycling in Australia Gets A Renovation With New Leader And Board Of Members

Australia is a country who tops every sport they take part in. cycling too was a sport where they used to be a winner but after Lance Armstrong getting caught in doping. He getting caught changed the whole picture which resulted in two other riders retiring from the sport and accepting that they have doped in their career once. There were many problems that led to financial crisis in the sport. This was one of the major concerns for the authority. It is this money which has led to stopping of the practise for the upcoming Olympics.

The good news for the cycling authorities of Australia came this week as they got a sponsor paying 2 million Australian dollars to the board. This fund is given primarily to prepare for the Olympics as to gain back the fame one needs to fight. With the amount of money come a few changes as former ICC boss Malcolm Speed will be coming in place of outgoing president Gerry Ryan. Speed will be driving the sport in the country by handling the group of new bankers and new board members. The main aim of this newly formed body will be to provide good governance in order to raise a good amount of fund for the game in order to bridge the gap between them and Britain.

Ryan, the owner of pro cycling team Orica-Greenedge also stepped down as the in charge of the team. He will be staying with the board in order to help them find a new CEO. Ryan said to the press that CA has also faced financial crisis but it overcame. He added that if cycling was a business then it would have been closed by now. It is a sport and hence it is still running in the country despite of so many problems.

Aug 14

Cycle jersey Of The Scotland Has A Storybook Finish For David Millar

David Millar is riding for the Commonwealth games time trial individual on Thursday with racing on road on Sunday. The jersey has been paid much lip-service too. David Millar has sincerely expressed the meaning of the jersey sincerely than any other player.

Both the races are going to be the final race and the deciding factor. Vuelta is going to be the last stop in his completion of the 17th year career. The event is one of the greatest in his life and career as far as Commonwealth is concerned. Being 37, now he wishes for a storybook end to the covetous title. Millar has spent time in Glasgow, he has its roots there but he was convicted and banned for doping, titles stripped off so eventually, he found shelter in Glasgow.

It is Scotland to where he relates most to. The Scottish understood him and when he was down he found and nestled there.  People would behave normally with him, shaking hands and everything which made him at ease in Glasgow. He feels so proud of the Scottish people that he puts on the jersey even now. No professional team can give him such proud feeling as the jersey of Scotland gives him. He does not want to get carried away with the crowd who supports him so much.

In 2010, in Delhi he won the bronze medal but is not sure whether he would be able to defend the title but hopes that he will not be an embarrassment to the crowd. He is ready for the road race. His biggest disappointment was when Garmin-Sharp did not take him into the Tour de France and would have been once in a lifetime opportunity and these are the races which matter.

Jul 14

The Fanfare Of Taking Selfies Annoys The Riders

Geraint Thomas of Team Sky described the selfies as an annoying and disturbing element on the tour of cycling. With Barrack Obama to David Cameroon, all engrossed in the selfie zone the cycling world too could not lag behind.

The popularity of selfies has gone up to an unlimited plethora of multitude selfies on twitter itself and it is largely due to Ellen Degeneres who took a picture of herself at the Oscars. But coming to cycling taking pictures can be quite dangerous and that is what is happening in the ongoing Tour de France tournament. It is the crowds who have thronged England for the first stage that are causing trouble for themselves as well as for the riders and despite of a warning given to them the crowds are seeming to be unstoppable as they are progressing far and encroaching upon the rider’s space by taking their picture along with their favourites. Some more have been identified as taking pictures by placing their back to the peloton. Complaints have been registered.

Tejay van Garderen the American rider called it as a combination of stupidity and vanity. Taking selfie by standing in the centre of the road with more than 170 cyclists caught him like a bolt from the blue. However, he is grateful for the love and support that has been showered on him yet he adds that there needs to be some regulation. Injuries also happen due to unforeseen excitement of taking selfies. It is hailed as the latest problem on tour. The cyclists need the road and they utilise every part of it so most of the times it becomes dodgy. Many a times the cyclist can run over the fans as they cannot see the back when standing on the peloton. Such incidents are not professional.

Jun 14

Knee injury keeps Thomas Voeckler out of the tour

Because of injured knee Thomas Voeckler was not chosen for Tour de France a week before. Two days prior to the start he was hurt emotionally when he was accused of doping by his French squad. The crowd-lover Frenchman gave his answer by winning the 10th phase.

This rider entered the Alps Mountain on Wednesday along with Bradley Wiggins who still has his yellow jersey.  His mood was very upset before the 120.9 mile journey that included three most difficult climbs because on previous Tuesday he was accused and arrested by the French cop for a Marseille doping investigation. He has always been casted by the shadow of doping both in past and in present.

Just two days prior to the commencement of the tour, a newspaper in France brought forward earlier news regarding his Europcar team with the accusations of illegal and improper use of a prohibited corticoid by the riders of his team in the last tour. This claim is strongly refused by the entire team. This team was laughed at by some of the fans in Belgium where the Tour had stated.

It is said that Voeckler’s victory was an important key that could prove his loyalty because he had a grave accusation against him. He said that his victory was not a part of his revenge but a part of his answer. Wiggins along with his team had sent out a message that letting the yellow jersey go would not be an easy task. Wiggins had on many occasions had come under severe attack by his rivals but all accusations rarely were proved to be true. Nibali, who won the Spanish Vuelta in the year 2010, mentioned explicitly that Wiggins should have decency for his fellow competitors.